As if the last two games weren’t embarrassing enough, the New York Jets now have an extremely sticky situation on their hands.

The Jets took further action against strength coach Sal Alosi, stating they knew nothing about the “human wall” he and inactive players made when he stuck out his knee and tripped Miami Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll while covering a return.

The Jets want you to think that Alosi acted on his own accord and without the knowledge or consent of the rest of the Jets’ coaching staff. Right. And Josh McDaniels knew nothing about what his “rogue” employee from video department was up to.

Now, I know during the course of the game a lot is going on and probably the last thing on Rex Ryan’s mind is, “I wonder what my strength coach is up to right now.” And I won’t presume to know the intricacies and inner workings of an NFL coaching staff.

However, when there’s as much smoke as there is surrounding this, there usually is more than a lit cigarette somewhere. With the season quickly spiraling with second straight poor outing against a division foe, the Jets and Ryan, who have been nothing short of bombastic this season, are not a team that I would put past to try anything to stop the bleeding. Something like a big punt return might have turned that game around.

Whether he told Alosi to do it or just let him do it knowingly, there had to be some level of involvement on Ryan’s part. And to make Alosi the sacrificial lamb just confirms that Ryan and the Jets are who we thought they were.