Tim Thomas is playing some really good hockey at this point in the season and a lot of people are wondering whether or not a goalie controversy is in the making in Boston.

But his impressive play just might be helping to clear the way for him to be traded.

Before you turn off the computer, take a minute to think about it. Injuries to Marc Savard and Marco Sturm freed up cap space for the Bruins, who were very much in trouble in terms of the salary cap heading into this season. But by placing those two at long-term injured reserve, the Bruins only postponed the inevitable.

These two are not just throw away players. Savard is still one of the team’s top playmakers and Sturm was the team’s top goal scorer last season. Somehow the Bruins need to clear about $5 million in cap space. Tim Thomas’ cap hit for this season just happens to be $5 million.

Last season, there were rumors about Thomas moving, but nothing came from it. After all, paying that kind of’ salary to a disappointing goalie who had lost his starting job isn’t very appealing. This year, the scenario has changed. Thomas appears to be over his hip surgery and is playing very well.

Tuukka Rask is the team’s goalie of the future and no one will deny that. Trading Thomas would be one way to clear the cap space in order to make a promising offense even stronger and solve a major cash problem for the Bruins.