An eventful week in the world of football and the release of the first BCS rankings of the year leads to some intriguing questions in today’s Mailbag.

Chicopee, MA poses the question: Deion Branch looked great (Sunday). Is he the Patriots’ new No. 1 receiver? I think he’s better suited for this offense than Moss ever was. What do you think?

I think Branch and Wes Welker are going to continue to be Tom Brady’s top wide receiver options, with some Brandon Tate mixed in. And yes, Branch did look very good in the fourth quarter and overtime of the Patriots’ win over Baltimore. One thing that Branch does have over Moss is his ability to run crisp routes and create separation that way. Still, let’s remember that the Patriots’ passing game was shut down for most of this game. Also, a guy like Moss would have been helpful in the case of that jump ball in the end zone at the end of regulation. It was a great game for Branch in his first appearance back in Foxboro, but I’d be interested to see if he performs next week when he doesn’t have all that emotional fuel.

Albany, NY fumes: Is this some kind of joke? Oklahoma at No. 1 in the BCS? They barely beat Utah State!

I am not a fan of the BCS and really think Boise deserves a little more love, but it is hard to argue with Oklahoma at least being in the conversation. Yes, they had a rough time in their tune up game against Utah State, but they came back the next week and absolutely dismantled a very good Florida State team, beat Texas in Dallas and beat an extremely underrated Air Force team on their way to an undefeated record. Style points don’t count in the BCS. Winning against quality opponents does and Oklahoma has been able to do that.

Manchester, CT once again asks: What do you think of Boise State’s chances at a BCS National Championship NOW?

This email was sent after Ohio State’s loss to Wisconsin and our friend from Manchester might not have sent it if he had waited to see the first BCS rankings released Sunday. With Boise State in third place, I don’t like their chances at all. It would have been tough, even if ESPN had been right in their projections that had Boise State in first, as other teams with more difficult schedules were expected to claw their way above Boise. Now at No. 3, the schedule alone will hold them out, especially with Nevada falling out of the rankings with the loss to Hawaii. Once again, Boise could be left out of the party, even if they go undefeated.

Springfield, MA asks: Will Oregon be the next No. 1 to fall, or are they going to hang on?

Oregon controls its own destiny at this point, but that’s not to say there aren’t teams that are capable of knocking them off. With an away game at USC. a home tilt with Arizona and another way game against Oregon State coming up in the season finale, there are still opportunities for the Ducks to slip up. Oregon is the better than all the teams I’ve mentioned, but given the way this college football season has gone, nothing would surprise me.