Here are some notable statistics regarding Randy Moss and his time with the New England Patriots.

That’s the total number of yards Moss had in his three-plus years in New England. If he had stayed in New England and stayed on his current pace for the 2010 season, he would have posted his lowest yardage totals since his last year in Oakland, but still would have had double-digit touchdowns for the fourth-straight season.

That’s the number of receptions Moss averaged per game through his first three seasons with the Patriots. This year’s 2.25 might have been a hint that the team was preparing to move in another direction. Whether or not they intended to move on so quickly at the beginning on the season is debatable.

That’s the number of touchdowns Randy Moss scored in a Patriots uniform. That ties him for second on the Patriots’ all-time list. Stanley Morgan is first with 67. Ben Coates is tied for second with 50. The difference is Morgan needed 180 games to do that and Coates 142. Moss did it in 61 games. The second-highest touchdown total for a player with comparable service time to Moss is Terry Glenn, who scored 22 in 68 games. Harold Jackson, who had 18 in 64 games, is third among players in that category.

That’s the number of times in three full seasons Moss led the league in touchdown receptions for the Patriots.

That’s the longest streak of consecutive games in which Moss caught touchdown passes. Moss caught one touchdown against Dallas, two against Miami, one against Washington and Indianapolis and four against Buffalo from October 14 to December 10, 2007. It’s also the number of catches Moss had in Super Bowl XLII.

Super Bowls New England won with Moss. Also the number of 100-catch seasons he had with New England.